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    The BattleField Hacks.

    So After using the hack's on About 4 Account's. 5 Different site's that offer bf3, bf4 and Bfh, i can say this is by FAR the best hack out!


    Very fast
    Has Magic Bullet's
    Bone Scan
    Vehicle Aimbot
    Aim Follow for Jets
    Anti Vote-Kick

    Any So Much more!!!

    NO Auto suicide ( Would Keep other's from FF ban so much )

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    Agree's SCHUDO agrees with this
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    Highly Respectable haxxor's Avatar
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    Thanks for your review. (Check inbox for cookies)

    BF3 does have auto-suicide...check the BF3 forum for more info.
    We used to have auto suicide in BF4 but it got patched about 3-4 years ago.

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    me too,
    i like anti recoil system,
    nxhacks using different system from another hack.

    i played with anti recoil from another hack site, and i got banned by FF after 2 days!
    but now i play using nxhacks and using anti recoil feature, and never get bann by FF

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