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    1 MONTH $10.00
    3 MONTHS $25.00
    6 MONTHS $45.00

    Vehicle Aimbot Aimbot For: Tank, Heli, Jet, etc.
    Infantry Aimbot Accurate With 99% of Infantry Weapons
    Perfect Sniper Aimbot For Any Distance Even Works With Scope Zoom (V)
    Aim Key Set Your Own Key To Activate Aimbot
    Aim Style Closest Enemy, Closest To Crosshair etc…
    Aim Visibility Aim Only At Visible Enemies Or Not
    Bone Scan Bot Scans For A Visible Part To Hit
    Aim Suppression Aimbot Only Aims At Enemies That Can Survive
    Auto-Wall Good For Rage Hacking, Shoot Through Walls
    Aim At Vehicles Choose To Aim At Them Or Not
    Vehicle Part-Scan Bot Scans For A Visible Part To Hit
    Ignore Certain Vehicle Types Choose At What You Want To Aim At
    Perfect Jet Maintains Perfect Turning Speed
    Aim Follow for Jets Aimbot Locks On To Other Jets And Follows Them
    Passenger Seat Aim Vehicle Gunner Positions Supported
    Aim At Gadgets Set the Aimbot To Aim At Radio Beacons
    Aim At Explosives Set the Aimbot To Aim At Land Mines
    Aim Smoothing More Humanlike Aim (SlowAim)
    Aim FOV Set Your Own Aimbot Field Of View
    Aim Lock Keeps The Bot Locked To Target Until Dead
    Aim Prediction Accurately Predicts Where A Target Will Be
    Auto-Fire Bot Will Auto-Fire When Aimkey Is Held Down
    Trigger Bot Bot Will Auto-Shoot When An Enemy Can Be Hit
    Enemy Priority Sets The Bot To Focus On Your Enemy List First
    Removals No-Recoil/Spread/Breath/Sway

    Soldier Snap-Lines Draws A Line To Enemy Soldier
    Box ESP Draws A Box Around The Enemy
    Current Weapon Shows Equipped Enemy Weapon
    Enemy Skeleton Skeleton On Enemy Soldier (Stickmen)
    Enemy Name Displays Enemy Name
    Enemy Health Displays Enemy Health
    Enemy Distance Displays The Enemy In Meters
    ESP Settings And Customizations Configurable Options Like Colours
    Vehicle Snap-Lines Draws A Line To Enemy Vehicles
    Vehicle Name Displays Vehicle Type (Heli/Tank etc.)
    Show Vehicle Speed Shows Moving Vehicle Speed
    Neutral Vehicles Displays Empty Vehicles
    Mini-Map Displays Enemies On The Mini Map
    Visibility Colours For Visible/Non Visible Enemies
    2D Radar Draws An Extra 2D ESP Radar (Movable)
    Interaction Buttons Shows Press-able Buttons
    Pickup Kits Shows Dropped Soldier Kits
    Explosives Displays Explosives Like C4
    Medkit/Ammo Supply Shows Medkit/Ammo Box Locations
    Crosshair Draws A Centered Crosshair
    Soldier/Vehicle Chams Colours The Enemy For Extra Visibility
    Origin HWID Spoofer!! Unlimited Gametime Accounts/ No Hwid Bans
    Gadget Hack Rawr/Accipiter/Rorsch Railgun: Any Map
    Spawn with Battle Pickups Like: AMR-2/HVM-II/M32 MGL/M82A3 etc.
    Spawn with Singleplayer Weapons Use Single Player Weapons Anywhere
    Anti Vote-Kick Spam A Random Votekick/Ban
    Invisibility No One Can See You, Lots Of Fun
    Bullet Mod AKA Bullet Multiplier
    Magic Bullet One Shot Kill, Shoot Through Walls
    Magic Bullet Headshots Only Get A Headshot Bonus For Every Hit
    Instant Full Health Regeneration Heal Very Fast, 99% God Mode
    Extra Kits (Weapon Replacement/Swap) Combine Weapons: Many Options
    Vehicle Gadget Hack Example: Shoot 3 Tank Shells With One Shot
    Auto-Spot Score Lots Of Spotting Points
    Auto-C4 Auto Detonate C4 When Enemies Are In Range
    Auto-Knife Auto Knife Enemies In Range
    Auto-Revive Auto Revive Fallen Team Mates in Range
    Heal People By Shooting Them Heal Your Team Mates Score Healing Points
    Admin Chat Display In-Game Chat As Admin
    Spectator Warning Warns You When YOU Are Being Spectated
    Ping Spoofing No More Getting Kicked For High Ping
    Anti-Hardcore Mode Display All Huds And Spotting As In Vanilla Mode
    Vehicle Respawn Spawn On Any Random Available Vehicle
    Force Unlocks Unlocks All Weapon Attachements And Skins
    Team Order Spam Spam Orders To Piss Your Team Off

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 0ZqjMcP.jpg   bf4_x86 2014-01-26 15-55-02-558.png   bf4_x86 2014-01-26 15-39-36-135.jpg   bf4_x86 2014-01-26 16-03-05-064.jpg   bf4_x86 2014-01-26 15-46-32-837.jpg  

    bf4_x86 2014-01-26 15-43-26-481.jpg   bf4_x86 2014-01-26 15-54-53-018.jpg   bf4_x86 2014-01-26 15-48-33-390.jpg   bf4_x86 2014-01-26 15-54-36-553.jpg  
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