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Thread: nxHacks BF3 1.0

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    Post nxHacks BF3 1.0


    1 MONTH $10.00
    3 MONTHS $25.00
    6 MONTHS $45.00
    1 YEAR $80.00

    Aim Style Distance, Closest to Crosshair etc.
    Aim Key Custom aimbot key
    Aim FOV Sets the Aim Field of View
    Visibility Checks Bot Aims at Visible enemies only
    Aim Bone Head, Chest, Knee etc
    Aim Bone Scan Bot Aims For a visible part to hit
    Aim Vehicle-Part Scan Bot Aims For a visible part to hit
    Auto-Wall Aim through penetratable objects
    Auto-Weapon Switch Switch weapons when reloading
    Aim Distance Set the max aim distance
    Aim Lock Stay locked on to an enemy
    Jet Aimbot Aim while flying in a jet
    Jet Priority Bot will focus on Jets first
    Vehicle Aimbot Aim with any vehicle
    Gadget Aimbot Aim at enemy gadgets
    Customizable Aimbot Prediction Improved accuracy
    Auto-Fire Aimbot (Vehicles and Infantry) Shoot when aimbot is locked on
    Ignore Vehicle Types You choose what to aim at
    Enemy Priority Aimbot prioritizes enemy list
    No-Recoil Disable weapon recoil
    No-Spread Disable bullet spread
    No-Breath Disable soldier breathing

    ESP Scale Adjustment (Sizes Can Be Adjusted) Adjusts according to enemy distance
    Engine ESP Makes ESP look sexy smooth
    Friendly ESP Mark your team with ESP
    Name ESP Display enemy name
    Box ESP Put a rectangle box around the enemy
    Skeleton ESP Draw the enemy's skeleton
    Health ESP Display the enemy's health
    Distance ESP (in meters) Show how far away the enemy is
    Vehicle ESP Show enemy vehicles
    Vehicle-Aim ESP Display a lock-on markert
    Gadget ESP Show enemy gadgets like Beacons
    Supply ESP Put a box around any ammo boxes
    Explosive ESP Display enemy explosives
    Missile ESP Display enemy missiles
    Grenade ESP Display enemy grenades
    Weapon ESP Shows enemy's current weapon
    Admin ESP Show which players are admins
    Mini-map Show enemies on the mini-map
    Crosshair Put a crosshair on the screen
    Auto-Spotting Spot visible enemies
    Super-Spotting Spot all enemies on the map
    Show FPS Display an FPS counter
    Show Ammo Display your ammo count
    Show Health Display your health
    Show K/D Show how much ass you're kicking
    2D Radar Display a 2D ESP map
    Aim Warning ESP When an enemy is aiming at you
    Vehicle Info ESP Show info about your vehicle
    Enemies List Put people on your enemy list
    Soldier Snaplines Draw lines to enemy soldiers
    Vehicle Snaplines Draw lines to enemy vehicles
    Custom Colors Configure all ESP colors
    Weapon Swapping Insert any weapon into any inventory slot!
    Gadget Swapping Insert any gadget into any inventory slot!
    Perfect-Jet Constant speed for perfect turning
    Auto-Eject Before your Jet is destroyed
    Auto-Suicide When health is low
    Auto-Countermeasures - Flares|ECM|Smoke Deploy as soon as the enemy fires a missile
    Auto-Blind Turn on flash light to blind enemies
    Squad Hack All Force all teammates into your squad
    Squad Hack Self Force yourself into any squad
    Squad Hack Force Spawn Great for Team Deathmatch
    Radio-Spam Spam commands to piss off your team
    Auto-C4 Detonate C4 when an enemy is in range
    Auto-Knife Knife kill an enemy when they are in range
    Auto-Revive Revive a team mate when in range
    Damage Modifier Customize the weapon damage output
    Spectator Mode Fly around!
    Magic Bullet Kill through walls, and with 1 bullet
    Custom Weapon Kills (Works with Magic Bullet On) Ammobox/Radio Beacon/Medkit kills etc..
    Always Headshots Lots of XP with long range sniper shots
    Unlimited Weapon Range Disables the range limit of weapons
    Auto-Heal 99% Godmode
    Instant-Respawn (Suicide Hack) Don't wait for the respawn timer!
    Force Unlocks Unlock all weapon attachments/skins
    Spoof Ping Never get kicked for high ping
    No-Overheat Disable overheating of emplaced weapons
    No-Sun Remove the sun from the sky
    No-Sky Remove the sky.. from the sky
    No-Foliage Remove trees and grass
    Color-Correction Removal Remove BF3's Blue tint - can increase FPS
    Anti-Blind Remove blinding effects from flash-lights
    Save/Load profiles In jet/tank/on-foot etc.

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