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Hack Countermeasures Anti-Cheat
  • PunkBuster System Online
  • Screenshot Proofing System Online
  • Anti-FairFight Module System Online
  • HWID Spoofer Module System Online
Aimbot Aimbot
  • Vehicle Aimbot
  • Infantry Aimbot
  • Sniper Aimbot
  • Aim Key - Use your own aimbot key
  • Aim Style - Distance, Closest to Cross-hair, Lowest Health
  • Aim Visibility - Checks if player is behind wall/object
  • Aim Bone Scan - Scan for visible bones on an enemy's body
  • Aim Suppression - Will only aim at players with enough health to survive a hit, so you can receive suppression/kill assist points
  • Aim Auto-Wall - Aim at targets behind penetrable/breakable walls
  • Aim Vehicles - Aim at vehicles
  • Aim Vehicle Part-Scan - Scan for visible parts of a vehicle
  • Aim Ignore Certain Vehicle Types - Turn off aiming at Tanks/Jeeps/Jets/Helicopters
  • Aim Perfect Jet - Set to 315MPH for perfect turning
  • Aim Follow for Jets - To follow the target off-screen
  • Aim Passenger Seat - Using aimbot as passenger
  • Aim Gadgets - Aimbot that aims at gadgets
  • Aim Explosives - Aimbot that aims at explosives
  • Smooth-Aim - Human-like aiming system
  • Aim FOV - Aim at enemies within a certain area of your screen
  • Aim Lock - Keep the aimbot locked to a particular enemy
  • Aim Prediction - Make the aimbot more accurate
  • Aim Debugging - Display technical information about what the aimbot is doing
  • Auto-Fire - Fire your weapon when the aimbot is locked on
  • Trigger Bot - Fire your weapon when aimed at an enemy
Wallhack ESP
  • ESP Customization - Color your ESP and make finding your enemies pretty)
  • Infantry
    • Snap-Lines - Draw lines from soldiers to the bottom of your screen
    • Box - Put a rectangle box around the enemy
    • Weapon - Show what weapon an enemy is carrying
    • Skeleton - Draw the enemy's skeleton
    • Name - Identify the enemy by name
    • Health - Display the enemy's health
    • Distance - Show how far away the enemy is
    • Infantry Chams - See Coloured enemies through walls
    • ESP Adjustments
  • Vehicle
    • Vehicle Snap-Lines - Draw lines from vehicles to the bottom of your screen
    • Vehicle Chams - See Coloured vehicles through walls
    • Vehicle Box - Put a rectangle box around the enemy vehicles
    • Vehicle Name - Display the names of the enemy vehicles
    • Vehicle Health - Display the health of the enemy vehicles
    • Show Vehicle Speed - Display the speed which your vehicle is travelling
    • Neutral Vehicles - Vehicles without players inside them
  • Mini-Map & Misc. ESP Tools
    • Auto-Spot - Spot all enemies on the map constantly, receive lots of points
    • Custom Game FOV - Custom FOV settings to increase zoom of all weapons, including iron sights
    • Mini-Map - Displays all players on Mini-Map
    • Visibility - Is Player "Visible" Yellow/Red
    • 2D Radar - Display a 2D ESP map
    • Buttons - Displays text over buttons - [Button]
    • Phantom Dog Tags - Find the new Phantom tags easily!
    • Pickup - Dropped Player Kits
    • Explosives - Mines & C4
    • Supply - Health & Ammo Packs
    • Crosshair - Put a crosshair on the screen - helpful in hardcore
Removal Removal
  • No-Recoil - Disable weapon recoil
  • No-Spread - Disable bullet spread
  • No-Breath - Disable soldier breathing
  • No-Sway - Disable weapon sway
  • No-Fog - Remove fog from the sky -(BROKEN)-
  • No-Sky - Remove the sky...from the sky -(BROKEN)-
  • Sniper Zoom Sway Removal - Disable sniper scope sway
  • Passenger View Unlock - View is no longer limited on the X-Axis[turning left and right] while inside a vehicle passenger seat
miscellaneous Misc
  • Spectator Hack - Join the server as a spectator, and be able to kill people from both teams -(BROKEN)-
  • Invisibility - No one can see you, great for arming/disarming MCOMs and confusing the enemy
  • Magic Bullet - Kill people through walls, and with 1 shot
  • Magic Bullet Current Weapon - Use Current Weapon as Kill Weapon
  • Magic Bullet Headshots - Always get a headshot when you kill an Enemy
  • Auto-Heal/"God Mode" - Instantly heal yourself to 100% HP
  • Extra Kits - Replaces your knife/grenade/gadgets with gadgets from other classes
  • Vehicle Gadget Hack - Replace your vehicles upgrades with other primary/secondary weapons to increase damage
  • Auto-C4 - Automatically detonate C4 when an enemy is in range of it
  • Auto-Knife - Automatically knife an enemy when they come into range of you
  • Auto-Revive - Automatically revive team mates when you come into range of them
  • Healing Ray - Shoot at a team mate to heal them, you get heal points
  • Admin Chat - Displays in-game chat as ADMIN
  • Spectator Warning - Displays a warning message of who is currently spectating you in Spectator Mode
  • Ping Spoofing - Never get kicked from those damn limited ping servers again!
  • Building Scaling - No need for an elevator! Scale that bitch!
  • Anti-Hardcore Mode - Enables entire HUD, Mini-Map, etc
  • Team Respawn - Quickly spawn on your team
  • Vehicle Respawn - Quickly spawn on any available vehicle
  • Force Unlocks - Unlock all attachments/upgrades/skins
  • Team Order Spam - Spam your entire team with orders from the commo-rose, can really piss off your team!
  • Spawn Battle Pickup Weapons - Spawn with any Battle pickup you want
  • Spawn RAWR - Spawn with the RAWR pickup, on any map!
  • Spawn Accipiter - Spawn with the Accipiter pickup, on any map!
  • Spawn Singleplayer - Spawn with Singleplayer weapons (Unlimited ammo, crazy stats)
Configuration Config
  • Save/Load profiles
Hack Screenshot
Windows Vista Compatible Windows 7 Compatible Windows 8 Compatible
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